“The Crypts of Sleep”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Don’t sleep on “The Crypts of Sleep”. I almost did, and boy, would I have regretted it. Hannes Grossmann is a guitar whiz who currently does time in Hate Eternal and Alkaloid and was formerly in Necrophagist and Obscura. Honestly, I like this better than any of the bands named above. It is technical death metal, but not as overdone as Necrophagist and Obscura nor as relentlessly monolithic as Hate Eternal. Hannes hits the fabled “Goldilocks zone” for death metal where everything comes out just right.

This is technical death right up there with the best of Atheist and mid-period Death. Needless to say, Grossmann is a shredder, but he shreds with some restraint and a good sense of melody. This record is full of raging rifferama that straight up thrashes but can go angular and unpredictable in a microsecond. The transitions in timing and riff are sensational on godly tracks like “Hail Satan” and “Oceanborn Master”. I defy any Atheist or Death fan to tell me these are not on the level of their heroes. Plus, the drumming and bass playing easily keeps up the pace. And vocalist Morean also keeps the harsh tone expected of death metal.

Once I actually took the time to listen to “The Crypts of Sleep”, I was extremely impressed by Hannes Grossmann’s brand of melodic tech-death. A sleeper release in more ways than one!