"Silent Out Loud"

Review by Dark Starr

The line between progressive metal and metallic prog is an intriguing one. Sure, there are a lot of progressive rock purists who will say that anything that has metal in it doesn’t qualify as prog. You have to wonder what those folks think of songs like Yes’ “Machine Messiah.” This disc is one that really skates the thin border between the genres. Ultimately, after going back and forth on it, I decided that it was more metal than prog – but it was a very close decision. However you see the balance panning out, though, this is one of the coolest and most creative discs I’ve heard in a long time.

Variety is the spice of music and Gronholm provide a lot of it here. Opener "Cross of Mind" is hard-edged and rocking, but packed with clever shifts that mark it as highly progressive. In contrast, "Under My Star" is murky, sludgy and super-heavy, almost like Electric Wizard with melody. "Out From The Nest" is progressive thrash metal, "Giant Step" combines 70's blues rock with prog influences, but it's really the song "Vanity" that steals the show. This epic combines very heavy sections with airy, mellow drifts in a very creative way...very cool piece of music!

 Fans of both modern metallic prog and prog metal will love this. It’s probably too heavy for the prog purists, but personally, I think those guys need to expand their horizons a little.