By Thor 

Dutch thrash metal maniacs GRINDPAD are back with an LP full of circle-pit igniting bangers called “Violence”.

Frankly, these guys had me with the bikini-clad babe wielding a chainsaw against a marauding Great White Shark on the cover. This is the New Wave of Old School Thrash Metal right down the line but man-oh-man, these dudes do it really well.

The songs on “Violence” come at you relentlessly with d-beats and thrash riffs cut with 4/4 mosh parts and frenetic solos. While it certainly doesn’t pretend to reinvent the wheel, it’s an undeniable musical ass-whoopin’ that will smash through even the toughest metal curmudgeon’s thick outer coat. The album’s production is fantastic, too.  They’ve achieved the holy grail of clarity and beef together in the same space and it has an analog vibe, to boot.

Topically, GRINDPAD run the gamut from tongue-in-cheek to the politically charged, all by way of their impressive aural assault. Titles include “Burn The Rapist”,  “The Knife is Sharper Than Ever”, “Toxic Terror” and “Mature Love”.

Fans of D.R.I., S.O.D.,  MUNICIPAL WASTE and POWER TRIP will dig this. I swear on my puffy white high-tops!