"Personal Crisis"

By Colonel Angus
I’m sure many of you know Steve Grimmett from his days as the vocalist of Grim Reaper but he has also had stints with Onslaught and Lionheart as well.  While not a household name, he has had quite a career and a pretty loyal fanbase.  In 2016, he released “Walking in The Shadows” (Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper) but here in the US, he is releasing his first solo album (recorded in 2007).  From my research, the only band member that seems to be of note that is along for the ride is Lionheart’s Ian Nash on guitar.  Nash’s performance on the disk is quite good and it definitely had me reaching for those old Lionheart albums for a walk down memory lane; I always thought he came up with good riffs and tasteful solos. 

The style of the material should not surprise anyone as to what you would be getting but the quality of the songs is a bit of a surprise to me.  Many older metal guys can’t seem to come close to their glory days and they become a shell of their former selves.  While you may not like each release from Steve Grimmett, there has always been a level of quality that carries through and it continues on “Personal Crisis”.  This record has its moments like “Karma”, “Enemy”, and last cut “Fallen” which ends the record on a very strong note.  There is even a Grim Reaper cover of “Wrath Of The Ripper” from 1983’s “See You In Hell”.  While it is a good version and has a more updated sound, the rest of the album is good enough that they could have just put in another new track and left the original alone.  That is just a minor complaint in an otherwise great record. 

“Personal Crisis” is a fine release and I would hope that with Grimmett and company touring again, this record gets a bit of spotlight.  Here is one of the few older metal singers who still manages to get out there and not tarnish his career but not delivering the goods so while this is an older record, it has aged well and deserves the proper distribution that it is finally getting.