“Circle of Molesters”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Italy’s Grime crawl up out of the sewers with their second album “Circle of Molesters” and if you heard their first record “Deteriorate”,  you know what to expect. This is some of the most vile and primitive sludge metal on planet Earth so you better have a high tolerance for filth-drenched doom riffs, screaming hate-filled vocals and repulsive lyrical subjects. If that sort of thing piques your interest, then welcome aboard the good ship Grime.

Progression is an unknown word here. The band simply plugs in and spews sludgy vitriol all over the place. Listen to the horrific bass sound, heard nowhere better than the opening to “Salvation Comes From Below”…this subsonic rumbling underpins the whole album. The riffs keep coming in monotonous, relentless fashion until you’re about ready to retch. By the time last track “Orgiastic Rite” oozes in, I had really had enough, especially with the constant shrieking of guitarist Marco. But this is what Grime set out to do. And with “Sulphurous Veins”, they’ve created a sludge classic…a great battle between gooey Eyehategod groove and a more propulsive, chugging feel.

One look at the eye-poppingly grotesque cover art should tell you what you’re dealing with here. If you think you can hack Grime’s world of malignant sludge, accept the challenge and get ready to fry!