By Dr. Abner Mality

"Vile" and "repulsive" are two words that come immediately to mind after hearing this filthy slab and I'm sure Italy's Grime would be thrilled by that. They obviously set out to make one hateful chunk of sludge/doom here and they succeeded at that.

This kind of stuff is no longer original but Grime overcomes most of the negative points of the genre by sheer sincerity. The music is brutally groovy, repetitive and of Iron Monkey and Eyehategod can relax and buy this without fear.  Those into Avenged Sevenfold or Lacuna Coil will be knocked stiff by the stench of this rotting beast. The vocals alone are enough to curdle the blood, but with that ripthroat screaming also comes the curse of monotony and there are times here when the shrieking goes in one ear and out the other. But it's sure authentic.

Grime are hardly technical superstars. They take a dirty doom riff and just pound that fucker into the ground like a tent peg. Whether this succeeds or not depends on the quality of said riff...and on songs like "Restless Man", "Burning Down the Cross" and the monumental "Deep Cut", they've got some good ones. The ones where you just wallow in the mud (and grime). But some other tunes like "Idiot God" and "Down By the River of Dreg" are not quite so sharp and drag a little bit.

Grime is very aptly named and could never be accused of false advertising on that front. The dirty brown cover of "Deteriorate" also is a harbinger of what's inside. If you're a morose bastard that hates yourself and everybody else, these guys will be your new heroes.