“Myrtle Wreath/Myrtenkranz”

By Octopi Mills

The sound of this one is one hand , a metal thing and at another, folk. The female vocalist is energetic in delivery of a sort of neo-folk fashion closer to a punk rock snark than a traditional folk vocalist of any kind, and it adds something to the music that might be quite different were there another vocalist. There is a pagan, bohemian approach to the themes, lyrics and imagery. Something sounds strangely off and not quite there; in not only the music but the way it is arranged and staggered in composition...changes here and there that are striking and strange. The songs are delivered in both English and German tongues.

The music itself sounds at times like electrified folk met with power metal musings, and perhaps acid rock, as the promo mentioned. There is a different mood with GRENDEL’S SYSTER that is unusual, and this is a blessing when all is same; something that at least stands out as original. There is something there that nearly punctuates in the same way as that SEXGANG fellow, Andy or whatever his name was, though this could be phantasmal. Some songs sound like a continuation of the rest, like a long saveloy met with a bratwurst in homogeneous matrimony.