"Trails and Passes"

By Solomon G

Huge, propulsive rocket rocking straight off the top of the first track, "Mother Ash". What’s this? Vocal harmonies? Hm, haven’t heard much of that lately - unless you listen to old albums, like old Söl listens to. Apparently so does Greenleaf, so all riiight…!

First thing I’m compelled to mention is if I were a drummer, I’d hope to kind of emulate the same kind of stuff…

Hold on - I literally just raised my left fist in the air and shouted “Fuck yeah!” Like out loud. In my room. This album rules already!

But yeah, if I were to play drums I would hope to swing it like Sebastian Olsson, drummer here on "Trails And Passes". Now, I know personal opinions don’t really belong in music reviews, but I’m not really a music reviewer, so it’s okay; I feel the soulful, jazz side of heavy music is long overshadowed by techie stuff, or freaky stuff (which is cool and whatever). I reckon some would say 70s style retro-heavy groove revival stuff is played out already, and for the most part I might agree - but then a band that’s new to me will come along and bust the doors down again, which is totally the case here with this album by Greenleaf. I mean, even if one has ‘heard it all’, so to speak, there is always a new way to hear things, and music gives it back to us; almost every time. Well, just about anytime we need or really want it to. And I know y’all know this.

Second most remarkable thing (among many) on this recording is the vocal work; nothing overly fancy - really sounds like two or three tracks and just a little reverb, but well placed in the compositions and executed well. If these guys replicate this stuff live, like on a consistent tour, I’m fairly certain the shows would be legendary. It’s good rockin’ - I’ve got it cranked up here in SGZ headquarters, hell yes I do! \m/

Often after I review a title, I probably won’t hear it again for a year or more (or never, in some cases), because the list of tunes/albums/artists I want to hear next is longer than my Netflix queue, which probably has more stuff than I can do in a lifetime, so new albums usually go to the back of the line - but I’m certain to spin this again really soon. No lie.

 All right: what you get here with Greenleaf - "Trails And Passes" is one compact album of tight compositions, great heavy guitar/bass riffage (a must of this ‘reviewer’), truly impressive vocals and drums -  all stars out of however many on the scale. Unless you hate this kind of thing - then go write your own review!