“EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy”

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you name your band after the anti-cosmic god-monsters of Lovecraftian renown, you better have a huge sound to be worthy of that name. And these Frenchmen do. This is a powerful work of black metal art given a rich production and a massive mix.

There are technically 8 songs here, but two are brief moodpieces and one song is entirely acoustic, so that gives us 5 heavy songs. And epic is the word for these tunes. The Great Old Ones play ambitious black metal with multiple levels of guitars and keys creating a lush and engulfing experience. First proper song “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” is almost ten minutes of furiously ripping, aggressive black metal with twisted riffs and harsh screaming vocals. Yet there is a kind of class to it. Not many BM bands can sound this huge. The overall approach is speedy, but there are occasional drops in tempo. The lengthy “Mare Infinitum” has a doomy, brooding feel with abstract and frozen guitars, but it drags because it’s just too long. With the last song “My Love For The Stars” (Cthulhu Fthagn), the Old Ones dish up a haunting and almost entirely acoustic ballad that is darkly relaxing. The addition of whispery vocals and choirs gives it even more atmosphere.

Although there were parts where my attention wandered, “EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy” is a black metal epic that does justice to Lovecraft’s creations.