“The Unchaste, The Wicked and The Profane”

By Dr. Abner Mality

After some membership upheaval that saw the departure of longtime screamer Mike Abominator, Gravehill is back in business. A look at the cover art here reveals an admirable resistance to any form of good taste…always an encouraging sign. And the focus of the band also remains the same…filthy American death metal.

Former bassist Corpse is now on vocals and does a good job living up to the foul example Abominator set.  These 8 tunes fly by. “Bestial Genesis” and “Plague Hammer” are cyclonic rippers that are fast and chaotic. I prefer the burly war-like march of “Iron and Sulphur”, a song made for lusty headbanging, and the groovy crush of “Sabbatic Whore”.  “The Unchaste”, “TheProfane” and “The Wicked” are a potent trio that combines speed and tempo to create a pleasing death metal experience. Final track “D.I.E.” is the only one of any considerable length and it has a doomy, bass-heavy vibe that sounds like early Sabbath gone DM.

I can’t say Gravehill has grown tremendously here, but neither have they slid backwards. If the blasphemous art puts a smile on your face, chances are you will enjoy this!