“Death Curse”

By Derelikt Waugh

 Alright, so I was more than a little pumped when Doc asked me if I wanted to review Gravehill’s latest offering, the aptly titled “Death Curse”. Why? Well, the answer’s quite simple. I think that Gravehill are right up there with Cianide in delivering that nasty, gut-ripping death metal in the old school vein. This is completely foul, four-to-the-floor, horn-forking death metal perfection, and I honestly think that “Death Curse” is without a doubt their most pummeling, punishing offer to date. It’s also their most diverse, full of varied tempo changes, liberal hints of black metal (a la Impiety) and old tyme hardcore (Poison Idea, anyone?), not to mention some of the most sinister riffs ever from a career that’s positively packed full of ‘em! Seriously, the riffs alone are well worth the price of admission, fluidly shifting from all-out thrash assaults, to crushing death/doom. CC Dekill and Hell Messiah have truly outdone themselves on this beast. Cheers, lads!

 “Death Curse” also features some of Gravehill’s most powerful performances as a whole as well. Everyone’s in top-notch form here. Thorgrimm’s percussion is insanely tight and intense, and Mike Abominator has never sounded so frighteningly feral. I mean, when a death metal album’s this diabolically good, I really don’t need to mention the guest appearances, do I? Fuck it, I will anyway. Chris Reifert, Eric Cutler (Autopsy) and Kam Lee (Massacre, Bone Gnawer, etc.) do anything for ya? No? Who cares? Buy it anyway. Every song on this fucker’s gonna stomp yer ass in the bloody dirt and leave ya begging for more. I wish it was longer than thirty-five minutes, but it’s quality over quantity, right? And this is most certainly quality. This is one of the most addictive, vicious slabs of death metal that I’ve had the privilege of hearing in…well…since the last one that I liked a lot. Anyway, I’m quite pleased to tell ya that this is the first ESSENTIAL death metal album of 2014 that I’ve reviewed. It’s a total ripper and an absolute must-own. BUY OR DIE!