“Morbid Throne”

By Dr. Abner Mality

When you pick up something on the Dark Descent label, you can be pretty sure of what you’ll get. And it won’t be happy stoner rock or something like Between the Buried and Me. It will be something that probably sounds a lot like Grave Ritual and “Morbid Throne”.

The only thing that surprised me about this is that the band comes from Alabama…not exactly a hot spot for primitive, rotting death metal. Other than that these guys deliver the decaying goods just the way old school death fiends like it…brutal, direct and with crawling atmosphere in spades. The whole record sounds like it was recorded in a subterranean catacomb. It’s not the total Incantation worship I was expecting because the pace is generally quite fast (although there are some deliciously doomy bits). Think of something between the first Grave album and Baphomet.

It’s all sick stuff but if I had to pick the beast of the bunch, I would go with “Adversary Crown”. That is just completely grim. Good basic death metal with a super morbid feel….not more, not less.