"Endless Procession of Souls"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I would say the real survivor of the "Big 4" of Swedish death metal has to be Grave. Dismember has called it quits, Entombed isn't really death metal in the classic style anymore and Unleashed is hanging in there pretty good but their latest sounded more black metal than traditional Swedish death. When you hear "Endless Procession of Souls", there is zero confusion about what style these guys are playing. They are downtuned, raw, catchy and brutal....just like they were more than 20 years ago!

No big revelations here and the record is about as surprising as Lindsey Lohan picked up on parole violation. But it's Grave through and through. They've retained the doomy side of Swedish death as well as the influences from old thrash. "Passion of the Weak" and especially "Perimortem" sound like good old Slayer focused through the lens of filthy Stockholm grime. Satisfyingly morbid! Grave has always had the most morbid feel of any of the Big 4 and they haven't forgotten that all these years later. Great credit goes to sole remaining original member Ola Lindgren...a bear with its paw in a trap wouldn't sound more angry and vicious than this guy.

I just can't find too much more to tell you about "Endless Procession of Souls". Any Grave fan will surely dig it and if you've never been into them in the past, this sure as hell won't change your mind. Your loss, in my opinion.