By Dr. Abner Mality

There’s a big gap between what’s considered “true metal” and the more commercially acceptable type of metal/hard rock one hears on the radio. Very rarely is there much common ground between the two, but with Germany’s GRAND MASSIVE, we may have the rare band that can bridge that gap.

These guys I can definitely hear getting a push on radio...they are that catchy and that accessible. But they are also unabashedly heavy metal and “4” is heavy all the way through. Imagine a cross between recent METALLICA, stomping Southern crunch like CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and a touch of radio metal like the heavier DISTURBED or VOLBEAT. That may scare a lot of you off, but if you don’t mind metal with a lot of hooks, GRAND MASSIVE is a band really worth checking out.

After a moody, intro, “Devourer of Time” is the band at their most aggressive and metallic...close to thrash, but then the smooth vocals of Alex Andronikos pop up. The vocal hooks are more radio friendly while the guitars crunch away. The rest of the album is well laid out and varied in its approach, but never leaving the metal genre. In fact, it gets heavier as it goes along.  “My Path” and “Never Gone” are massively thick, with grooves in the COC vein. “My Path” features a more bellowing, bull-like type of vocal, while “Never Gone” is a tribute to deceased metal heroes, with a spoken mid-section paying tribute to Dio, Lemmy, Pete Steele and more. “Black Empress” is more epic in style, with fantasy lyrics. Pretty much every song has got a vocal hook that sucks you in.

Is GRAND MASSIVE a band that’s going to appeal to war metal maniacs wearing gas masks or face painted black metallers? No, but there’s a place for commercial heavy metal that’s well executed and performed and that’s what we have in “4”. We may be hearing more of these guys.