By Dr. Abner Mality

I don't know why these guys aren't a lot better known than they are. Maybe the fact that they are from Italy, not known as a hotbed of death metal, has something to with it. At any rate, I'm going to sing the praises of "Earth-Sick" right now and hopefully make a dent in their obscurity.

If you enjoy technical but brutal death metal in the vein of Death's "Human" or Carcass' "Necroticism", you'd be well advised to check out Gory Blister. The production and playing on "Earth-Sick" is top notch...the equal of anything offered on Relapse or Metal Blade. The guitar work on this sucker will peel your flesh with rabid Aborted is another comparison that could be made. Solos, weird time changes and a bucketload of riffs are present in every tune except the intro and outro (and those are also above average), but Gory Blister stops just short of the high-tech wankery on Spawn of Possession or Obscura's recent releases. The song "World Damnatomy" kind of loses itself but the band avoids sounding like a guitar jackoff session for the most part. The title track, "Decanted Embryos" and the beautifully baroque "Soul-Bourne Maladies" demonstrate that the band is on top of the tech-death genre. The vocals are sick and guttural sickly clean vocals or black metal rasps here...and drum fans should enjoy the sophisticated rhythm.

Gory Blister could still do with more of their own identity, but "Earth-Sick" is the surprising sound of a death metal band in complete control of its faculties. Look for this one and ask for it if you don't find it!