"In The Eye of Nothing"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Finland seems incapable of producing a bad death metal band. Something in the food or water seems to lead to a higher understanding of what makes a good death metal song. GOREPHILIA is one of the latest Finnish bands standing as proof of this conjecture.

The Finns have always put a sizable amount of doom in their death and so it is with GOREPHILIA. While I would hesitate to call this doom-death, tracks like "Devotion Upon the Worm" and "Ark of the Indecipherable" have plenty of room for oozing icky riffs and downbeat tempos. Finnish bands also usually have a "sick" sound to them and that pops up here, too. I get the impression that GOREPHILIA writes with absolutely no pressure to come up with a certain tempo. The songs flow naturally and stay true to the age-old templates of death metal. The one thing that really hampers the album is a clicky-clacky drum sound like a train crossing infinite rails. I don't know what it would to take to get 21st century DM acts to drop this crap and adopt a more natural drum sound, but I'd sure like to see it.

There are some pretty cool bits peppering "In The Eye of Nothing", like the odd bass playing in "Simplicity of Decay" or the fist-pumping anthemic thrust of "Not For the Weak". Even the brief instrumentals are interesting. GOREPHILIA have come up with an album that, while never overwhelming, can be added to Finland's massive list of fine death metal.