"The Golden Grass"

By Rusty Coffinnails

The Golden Grass is an early 70s style rock band out of Brooklyn. They are a 3 member outfit( guitar ,drums and bass) that formed in 2013. Their self titled debut album "The Golden Grass" will be the subject of this review.

With an easy listing psychedelic freewheeling sound that kinda surprised me,I can give the thumbs up to these guys. When I drew this band to review I thought "oh great another 70s retro band using material that has been done to death". I was wrong.

Now these cats are not by any stretch of the imagination metal, but more of a "turn down the lights and fire up your favorite incense and just go for a ride with the band" type of thing. The sound is a smooth clean groove that has it's own atmosphere, kinda makes me want go buy a lava lamp,  some black lights and....... well, you get the idea. "Golden Grass" stuck true to the early 70s style and makes you feel as if you traveled back to about 1972 or so.

The first track called "Please Man" starts out with a distant sound of echoing guitar that move closer and closer then falling into a smooth steady groove and sets the mood for the rest of the album, a good mood in a psychedelic way.
The album has just 5 tracks, but should have you tapping your feet and possibly even cracking a smile as you resist the urge to sing along.. But don't fight it, it won't hurt... Too much anyway.

This good feeling happy psychedelic vibe is what stood out to me. Unlike many of the dark doom and despair bands (I love dark doom and despair) these guys are upbeat and happy, I kinda felt like the Grinch when he discovered the meaning of Christmas. "Happy? what is this feeling?" Well, at any rate, I kinda dig it.

As a lover of all things dark and dismal this was a different experience for me that I oddly enjoyed. If you are a lover of the upbeat psychedelic thing then this album is a must for your collection. If you are of the dark dismal doom world you might want to check these guys out. It won't hurt... I promise you.

So go give them a like on Facebook and check out who they are and say HI..Well, all things in moderation.. I have had enough happy for now, I'm heading back to the darkside for a bit...