“God’s Hate”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Finally get to hear Brody King’s hardcore band and it’s as pissed as he is. For those who don’t know, “Brody King” is the ring name of GOD’S HATE lead singer Nate Blauvelt. He wrestles at a pretty high level, mostly as a member of the Ring of Honor promotion...he has even challenged for their world title. He’s a monstrously huge tattooed guy who could probably give Godzilla a rough time. On GOD’S HATE, he teams up with Colin and Taylor Young, formerly of TWITCHING TONGUES, to come up with a pulverizing dose of lead-fisted hardcore in the vein of HATEBREED.

I would say these guys kick it up another notch even above HATEBREED, delving into a simple style of bruising metallic riffs and knuckle-dragging breakdowns. King’s bull-like roars fit the music perfectly. As with most of this style of hardcore, it wears pretty thin by the end and the best tracks come early. They try to surprise with some almost operatic type multi-tracked vocals on “Six Feet Deep” and “Eternity of Hate”. Whether they hit the mark is open for debate. For me, the straightforward crush of “Be Harder” and “Finish the Job” are where GOD’S HATE really does well. Taylor Young produces and does a fine job of bringing the heavy.

These songs are really made for the live experience, which is sad, because that’s almost extinct in the Covid age. The cursed disease has hit indy wrestling as hard as live metal shows, so there’s another connection. I hope GOD’S HATE can squeeze in some live shows...I’d love to see Brody do a tope suicida dive right into a crowd of moshers.