“Of Angels and Snakes”

By Dr. Abner Mality

It’s no secret there’s a huge uptick in true metal bands lately. In fact, there’s now so many that the scene is already in danger of drowning in mediocrity. I wish I could say that Germany’s GOBLIN’S BLADE will be leading the charge for great new metal bands, but this falls squarely into the “average” category.

It’s not truly awful and in fact there are enjoyable moments throughout, but this blade lacks the sharpness to decapitate posers. In comparison to another true metal band I recently heard, that being BYFIST, this pales. The intensity is just not there. Many of GOBLIN’S BLADE’s songs are chugging midpacers with a medieval type feel that try to tap into a TYRANT or METAL CHURCH vibe. An admirable goal, but this is not up to the level of those bands. Vocalist Florian Reinman has a tone like a cross between Bruce Dickinson and the guy who sings lead for SACRED STEEL. Speaking of SACRED STEEL, that’s another band that reminds me of GOBLIN’S BLADE.

Top songs here all come in the first part of the album, with “Pay For Your Sins” and “Final Fall” having some fire and velocity to them. The second half of the record has slower tunes that all start to kind of blur together. Enjoyable by themselves, they run out of juice when placed one after another.

GOBLIN’S BLADE make a passable stab at true metal, but they need more heat of battle to be forged into something special.