“Vengeful Ascension”

By Dr. Abner Mality

We could talk once again about Goatwhore’s relentless touring and their dogged persistence, but I think every fan of dark and extreme music knows how hard these guys work and how regularly they release new material. “Vengeful Ascension” is the latest in a long line of Goatwhore offerings and it again delivers what their fans expect. Blah blah blah, etc, etc.

I’m not going to say this one is “routine” because I enjoy the band’s sound too much. But there is a certain point where it would be nice to throw a ringer in and do something different. We don’t get that with “Vengeful Ascension”. But thankfully we do get a production that is warm, rough and analog, much in the vein of last album “Constricting Rage of the Merciless”. This is the sound that suits Goatwhore best and now they seem content to stick with it. We also get 10 songs that perform the usual switch between crude, Venom-ish rockers, more thrashing tracks and cold, creepy crawlers with icy melody. This is the typical mix for a Goatwhore album. Highlights this time around are the ripping “Under the Flesh, Into the Soul”, the thrash-oriented “Chaos Arcane” and the rather majestic mid-paced cruncher “Decayed Omen Reborn”. Oddly, the title track is rather forgettable and the slower “Where The Sun Is Silent” fails to impress.

It is a fine Goatwhore album and highly recommended to long time fans. But it is not a GREAT Goatwhore album and I’m not sure if we’ll ever seen one.