"Constricting Rage of the Merciless"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Goatwhore is just about at the level of bands like Overkill and Motorhead. Not so much in terms of sound, of course, but more due to their extreme reliability and always delivering what the fans expect. They prove that reliability again with "Constructing Rage of the Merciless" and if the harsher side of me says this is more of the same, then a different and stronger side says that's just fine.

This time the furry prostitutes deliver more razor sharp evil thrashers rarely exceeding the three and a half minute mark. The songs here are as compact as you can get, but in a welcoming bit of news, the sound is rawer and murkier than what we heard on the last Goatwhore effort "Blood For The Master", which seemed a bit more polished than it should have been. it seems the band realized this and "Constricting Rage..." was recorded straight to analog tape. The sound is a lot rougher here and it fits these grimy little slices of hell pretty well. There's also a marked Venom influence this time can't miss it on "Baring Teeth For Revolt" and the ugly "FBS". The one tune that deviates from the short and sharp paradigm is "Cold Earth Consumed In Dying Flesh", which is slow, cold and even more fun that it sounds. This hails back to the kind of dreary BM Goatwhore purveyed on their very earliest albums and here it's a nice change of pace.

Got to say Ben Falgoust is the man of many voices here. From a rough and raspy "thrasher" voice to something even gnarlier in true black metal vein to extreme guttural death grunts and even some punky shouts, Ben sounds like two or three people here. He's never been better.

Goatwhore is not really for the adventurous listener (unless you're a fan of gospel and looking to branch out) but they are for fans of devilish blackened thrash. To those fans, "Constricting Rage..." is very much recommended.