"Blood For The Master"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I didn't think Goatwhore could get much more stripped down and meaner than their last album "Carving Out The Eyes of God" without losing the essence of their sound. Wrong again, fat boy! "Blood for the Maker" is...amazingly...even more vicious, evil and to the point...a laser sighted hollowpoint shot directly from Goatwhore right between your eyes!

"Collapse In Eternal Worth" has no intro, no build-up, just a full frontal assault of precise blazing mayhem with Ben Falgoust's trademark vocals ripping away from the first second the music hits. Already this version of Goatwhore seems more extreme than the slightly Pantera-ish/Lamb of God leaning bunch that played on "Carving Out..."  Sammy Duet is nothing but a goddamn riff machine, churning out highly quality hooks and thunderous chords with machine-like efficiency. "When Steel Meets Bone" is a bit catchier, a bit ":rockier" but still kick-ass. There's a bit more black metal influence in the music than before, too...listen to the majestic opening of "Beyond the Spell of Discontent" or the blackened melody of "In Deathless Tradition". But the thrashines still previals..."An End To Nothing" is a high class neck-snapper that will cause an internal pit at the local coven.

Yes, yes, Goatwhore treads a familiar path here, but who else does this kind of American black thrash the way they do? "Blood For The Master" is unbelievably focused and to the point...this is a band on a mission and they waste not one drop of blood or sweat in pursuit of it. A mandatory purchase...again!