“Purgatory Under New Management”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Goatess is the latest vehicle for Lord Chritus Lindstrom, who has lent his dulcet tones to the likes of Saint Vitus and Count Raven in the past. Fans of those bands won’t be disappointed with what he does here, though Goatess has more of a wandering, psychedelic vibe to it.

Mostly, though, this is about the DOOM and nothing but the doom. “Like Moth to Flame” takes a while to get there. It starts with some lilting, folkish guitar and Chritus singing in almost Ian Anderson fashion. Then the crunching slow riffs start to rumble and rock. And these are pure doom riffs…not sludge or stoner ones. Lindstrom’s voice fits this music well. The song ends as it began, with low key music. That’s not the last time that happens here. “Wrath of God” is almost entirely psychedelic in nature, with spaced lead guitar soloing and effects that would do Hawkwind proud. That song kind of tested my patience.

It’s repetitive, hypnotic stuff for the most part. The title track, “Shadowland” and “Silent War” plod the well-worn path trod by Sabbath, St. Vitus and Count Raven. “Murphy Was An Optimist” shows Goatess has a playful sense of humor. All in all, a solid traditional doom album sprinkled with acid rock frosting.