by Octopi Mills

What we have here is a band from Sweden, with traces of musical ancestry in Count Raven, Lord Vicar, and Saint Vitus, as told in the promo. There are some "jamming" style guitars that open up with the first song, "KnowYour Animal" There is a doom feel riding, though more of a sunny, solar sort of powered drive closer to Sleep, than say some of the  aforementioned bands' more slower, gloomy sounds. There is a bass level that adds weight to their sound, and there are no tolling bells thus far, or sounds of mourning in the delivery, but more of a rock and roll sort of approach, somewhat like unto most other bands of this style of music. In this it offers something commonplace, though it weeps more by the third song, before turning back intosomething like a solar blues feel, with a song humbly title "Ripe". The big rumbling Sabbath feel is there, but it does nothing more for anything in the universe, than perhaps document the flight of these doom riders and their travels somewhere within themselves. The music is not bad, as songs roll on  in a like manner, and i can't find anything really incriminating to say about Goatess.

"Fullmoon at Noon" has blues, rock, and psychedelia and all the fuzz of a fun loving affair, And there are two songs that follow in parts called "The Oracle". There are some slower, spacier moments in the first part, and there is a common man's vocals narrating something about his life, amidst a 70s sort of music. The second portion sees the band in form together, riding out somewhere else byway of the power of their electric instruments and oneness with their song, and it is here there my brain is dragging along, not able to ride out with the fellows. The next songs are big and long rides that reach out there, and beyond, and I'm staring, dumb founded and numb, like a organism gone into an idiotic shock and indifference from a bright sun of orange and yellow rays. As it comes to a close, I bid Goatess goodbye, and wish them no harm with my words.