"Ego Svm Satana"

By Derelikt Waugh

Alright, so I know what you're thinking (scary, I know!), "Oh, fuck...another silly, Satanic goat-related band with gasmasks, spikes and bulletbelts. Haven't some of these images been done to death already?!?" Well, I can't blame you for thinking such. For those of you who have never heard of Goat Semen, the cover and song titles will do little to alleviate your fears (not that the cover art stinks. Far from it, actually. It's just that it features a goat, a snake and the grim reaper. You know...shit you've seen a million times!). fucking what! Metal cliches aside, Peruvian sadists Goat Semen have been toiling away in the foetid depths of the South American underground since 2002, churning out some excellent demos and splits along the way, generating a truly old school, Hellish noise and a genuine buzz about them that have had the diehards of blackened barbaric thrash foaming at their mouths for a full- length since the debut demo. And rightfully so! This shit harkens back to the ancient, tormented barkings of Sarcofago, (old) Sepultura and Chile's much-adored Pentagram. Add to that a sprinkling of "newer" (certainly not "newer sounding") bands like Perversor and Morbosidad, and you're getting somewhere close to Goat Semen's black magic cauldron of hate-spawned, sonic terrorism.

Many of these songs have been hammered into sheer brutal perfection over the years, as some are culled from Goat Semen's now considered-to-be classic demos, etc. Time and careful craftsmanship are evident on every track, but the overall feel and atmosphere never strays too far away from the relentless rumblings of the poser-blasting past. Yes, the production is much "cleaner" than many other bands of this ilk seem to prefer, but the excellent production(provided by Arthur Rizk, Inquisition) never interferes with the good ol' malignant gumbo of blackened, thrashing death that many of us have come to adore and revere. The vocals are insanely tortured and torturing, while the drums lash away at martial machinegun-speed (without using any techno-tricks, as far as these grizzled ears can discern) , all while jaw-droppingly fast and gnarled guitar riffs tear shark-bite holes in the sides of the righteous and the weak. This is the real shit and it's quite evident that these guys are much more serious than their somewhat goofy (while disgusting and intimidating to some) name would  imply. In short, "Ego Svm Satana" is a debut you absolutely need if you're even slightly enamored with South American metal. In the meantime...Pass the gawddamned ammo and HAIL THE GOAT!