"Abyss of Longing Throats"

by Octopi Mills

"Lick The Poison From The Cave Walls" opens up a can of worms that could drive someone insane on this album. It could sound like a modern day Abruptum with more technological resources; with a more modern and claustrophobic, urban feel. Droning, harsh, panic inducing, and feverish noise with scraping and screeching sounds as a backdrop for a silly high pitched sort of vocals that most probably were inspired by black metal. "Through Flesh" makes noise like some annoying horsefly caught in a studio but with beats, taps, and droning things. It is an ordeal of punishment to sit through the nightmarish engram that is the music, as if it is mostly meant to torture the mind of the listener. What other purpose could it have? 

I honestly wonder who could endure this and what they might get out of it and at times it sounds like one is sticking his head into a mental asylum via audio that is mixed or enhanced with noises. Perhaps i am getting old, as I could recall what my old man might have said about some of the things i have listened to. But alas, this is different...the beats are meant to hurt you and the release hurts like hell to get through as it seems to be a noisy collage of things akin to the madness or same effect of beating on pots and pans, or a noisy poltergeist in a old prison that needs to go to the light or find Pappa Bear. "The Holy Body" sounds like a person being exorcised but not wishing to let go of their demons of hopelessness and inferiority. "And They Will Be Cast Into Utter Darkness" will make you want to gnaw your tongue and it is the pain of headaches and body chills. Unlistenable in all human walks of life, young and old, but that's the name of the game.