“The Passing of Time”

By Theron Moore

35 years in the making, GLACIER have returned with “The Passing of Time”, a massive, heaping helping of outstanding classic power metal.   As the story goes, the band formed in 1985 and disbanded in 1990.   2016 saw the formation of DEVIL IN DISGUISE which basically served as a jumping off point to reform GLACIER in 2018 when the band began booking dates and playing out live. 

 GLACIER currently consists of Michael Podrybau (lead vocals), Mike Maselbas (guitar), Marco Martell (guitar, vocals), Alex Barrios (bass) and Adam Kopecky (drums, vocals).   Connecting the current version of the band with its classic era from 30+ years ago, are the tracks "Live for the Whip" and "Sands of Time" written in the '80s and recorded by the current line-up while original members Tim Proctor (bass) and Loren Bates (drums) play on these songs and the track"Infidel." One of many highlights on “The Passing of Time” is a guest appearance by former MANILLA ROAD bassist Phil Ell Ross lending his talent on two songs. 

“The Passing of Time” is denim and leather inspired metal. The vocals are soaring, the songs are catchy and from a sonic standpoint it’s no frills power metal.   The true test of rock and roll, especially metal, is stripping away the glam and circumstance and waiting to see what shines through.  In this case, its American steel and Marshall volume.  

“Sands of Time,” finds lead singer Michael Podrybau delivering what can only be described as a soaring, Bruce Dickinson inspired, vocal performance that hits peak level and never lets up, much like track five, “Valor,” a headbanging, fist pumping, modern day anthem.I’d be remiss not  to mention the  final  song on this  record,   “The Temple and the Tomb” a veritable showcase of GLACIER’s ability to meld aggression and speed with melody and chorus, sure to be a fan favorite for years to come.  

“The Passing of Time” is epic metal.  The fact that GLACIER reforms after 35 years and records an album this good is phenomenal.  It’s been worth the wait to hear these songs.  True rivet heads, your record has arrived and it’s a skull crusher.  You want the best, you got the best.  GLACIER. Buy this record.