GIVE PRAISE Split 7"'s

By Dr. Abner Mality

The humble 7" record still gives a voice to those bands too cheap or too rigidly non-commercial to get a CD out. Despite the proliferation of CD-R's and even cassettes, there's something comfortable and traditional about these little vinyl discs. Give Praise Records certainly specializes in the form and I now turn to a couple of their most recent efforts...

Soils of Ignorance gets to share a 7" with Wadge and the result is absolutely blistering if you're into low-fi, DIY grindcore. Soils of Ignorance manage to cram six tracks of low tuned grind violence into their side and make Napalm Death sound like a polished "Wal-Mart only" band in doing so. As crusty as they are, it's really Wadge that wins my heart with three insanely catchy and brutal blasts of DIY grind. "Maim To Please" is an absolute classic of basic D-beat ferocity with even a whiff of 80's thrash and a big helping of bellowing Cockney vocals. Song titles like "Topsy's Curse" and "Sir Gimply Biscuits of Gibletshire III" show they aren't the straight-faced crusaders S.O.I. are. A must for lovers of cheap and stinky crustcore!

The next 7" features Backslider and Nimbus Terrifix doin' their thang. Backslider is SUPER-low tuned grind that almost sounds like Ross Robinson on a bender produced it. More burly bellowing announces 5 brief tunes crammed together as one. Nimbus Terrifix is something a little different, vomiting up jagged, harsh noise in the shape of hardcore. I guess this is what they call "powerviolence" and while I prefer catchy grind, one can't deny this is a painful assault.

Give Praise is keeping the 7" tradition alive and more than that, they are keeping it real by refusing to sweeten it up or overproduce it. PUNK IS NOT DEAD!