“To Starve The Cross”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Ghoulgotha certainly do things their own way and that is a mark in their favor. Whether their way is your way remains to be seen. They are not the easiest listen in the world and I’m not sure I’m down with their style yet.

You can call “To Starve The Cross” a work of primitive brute force and a dizzying technical death metal display at the same time. They bear the marks of many raw and cavernous death metal bands such as Incantation and Benediction, with a murky organic production and touches of cryptic death/doom. But their songs are full of unorthodox changes in riff, unpredictable side trips and unusual guitar melodies. Think of Incantation trying to play Atheist with Voi Vod sprinkled around the edges. Toss in a sizable amount of Gothic horror doom like Hooded Menace. Sorry to toss so many references, but it is really hard to describe where they’re coming from. America’s answer to Portal? Well, I wouldn’t say they’re quite THAT nuts.

It’s a lot to process. You won’t be humming these tunes, that’s for sure, but they keep you guessing. I thought the doomier cuts like “Lord of the Shattered Mirror” and “Visceral Seas” resembled  Hooded Menace in mood and sound. This is death metal that challenges the listener and it’sa matter of personal taste if you care to answer the challenge. I’m right on the edge.