"Transmission Zero"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I feared the worst for the flesh-eating freaks from Creepsylvania due to the great silence that befell them after their last album "Splatterthrash" was released in 2006. Perhaps the nefarious Killbot had caught up with them at last? But no, my fears were unfounded...I caught the band, nicely decked out in new and improved hoods, opening for GWAR this past Halloween and they rotted the bones of every putrid mortal with their gut-busting thrash. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief...

Now comes a devastating new splatter platter, "Transmission Zero", on a new label, Tankcrimes, and the Creepsylvanian Crush has never sounded better.  Neither the living or the dead can resist the frenzied impulse to mosh when this monster gets cranked. Opening instrumental "The Lunatic Hour" sets the tone with crusty Anthrax-meets-D.R.I. riffing that grabs you by your Adam's apple and then the explosion really begins with "Off With Their Heads!". Cremator, Digestor, Fermentor and Dissector have upped their game in every conceivable way, improving on what they've done in the past while not losing one iota of grim thrashing energy. The vocals are more rancid than ever before, but perfectly lucid and they continue the tale of Ghoul as they confront not only a new version of the Killbot(with Walt Disney's brain!) but a crazed cult of maniacs bent on world domination! You get the whole package of horror and metal here!

The album continues to rip through classics like "The Mark of Voodoo" and the superb "Brain Jerk" (maybe the best Ghoul song ever) before hitting a slight bump in the form of "Morning of the Mezmetron", which is very doomy and a little longer than it needs to be. The title track injects some of that surf/rockabilly influence and some ice-cold melody before the album roars to a speedy conclusion with "Tooth And Claw" and "Metallicus Ex Mortis".

I see no reason except simple human stupidity for the Ghoul boys not to conquer the Earth and become every bit as big as their Antarctican buddies GWAR. Right now, "Transmission Zero" is my fave record of the year.