“Death Velour”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Ghastly is part of the proud tradition of Finnish death metal, but it’s to their credit that they don’t sound like a clone of any particular band. The claustrophobic darkness that typifies Finnish death is certainly here, but Ghastly does enough to create their own identity.

There’s a lot more to the sound here than just ugly, rotten riffs. The tunes have some complexity to them and a lot of evil melody as well. This is melodic death metal but NOT the kind associated with At The Gates, Edge of Sanity, etc. It is instead very cryptic and tomb-bound, if that makes sense, and not afraid to use piano and organ in songs like “Scarlet Woman” and “Whispers Through the Aether”. Lead guitar is single tracked but very mournful sounding. And when the song calls for it, there’s that gruesome crunch of prime Finnish gore.

There are a few spots where my attention wanders, but on the whole, Ghastly have come up with something morbid and funereal here. Al album to play while you are in a hearse on the way to the graveyard on a gray and misty day…