"May The Curse Bind"

By Dr. Abner Mality

A name like Ghast suggest something unwholesome and grotesque. Well, in this case, the name is spot on...this obscure British cult of ghouls have vomited up a very distressing morsel of blackness here. I would even venture to say that repeated exposure to "May The Curse Bind" might lead to suicidal thoughts and depression. Doses of Ghast should not be taken if you are on blood thinners, respiratory pills or other mind-altering medicine. Consult your undertaker before taking Ghast...

Here are five long and miserably bleak cuts combining primitive black metal, subterranean doom and crusty death. I am reminded of such prior masters of gloom as early Bathory, old Benediction and the cruelly ignored Diaboli as I listen to blasting murk such as "Evoke Spiritless Hell" and "Crawl, Blighted and Afraid" while the slow, doleful "Pale Robe" is suicidally depressive doom that many one-man bedroom black metal legions would kill to emulate. Shrieks of anguish and despair reverberate through the length of this extended EP. It's a fascinatingly ugly piece of work and I tremble with both fear and anticipation for a full-length from the aptly named Ghast.