"At Her Majesty's Pleasure"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I was starting to wonder if we would hear from these guys again. Thankfully, the Pistols are back and fully loaded! 70's retro-rock is getting to be a nauseating trend, but this band is so totally authentic and so full of energy that they are impossible to resist. The addition of Firebird/Carcass guitarist Bill Steer does nothing to hurt them, either.

"At Her Majesty's Pleasure" harkens back to a time when blues ruled the rock world and songs were punchy and easy to remember. A jacked up Free is the closest comparison I can make to Gentlemans Pistols. I'm not 100% convinced this new one is quite the equal of the amazing GP debut, but it certainly follows that template very closely, barreling out of the gate with the raunchy "Living In Sin Again". It is not only thrash and death metal bands that play with tremendous energy...Gentlemans Pistols prove that hard rock can be equally turbocharged. Most of the tunes here are uptempo, catchy and rocking, with "Peeping Tom" and "I Wouldn't Let You" taking high honors. The smoky and quintessentially British vocals of James Atkinson are again on hand to add that unmistakeable early 70's feel. "Midnight Crawler" has a bit of a Sabbathy, mid-tempo feel to it, "Into the Haze" has a laid back quality without being a ballad and the album ending "Lethal Woman" tries for an epic sound, adding string accompaniment to the smoking blues rock.

Listen, it's not rocket science and the easy riffs might seem to basic for those who like a more progressive approach, but I can't get enough of this sexed-up and ass-kicking hard rock. I like these guys even better than Steer's Firebird and they're on the top of the retro-rock heap.