"Ever Descent"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Michigan's Genocya play raw and brutal metal worthy of their economically blasted home state. This is as up front and subtle as a Detroit Teamster confronting scabs on the picket line. The dudes purvey a sound that kind of wobbles between pure American death metal and more groove based thrash. Lemme put it this way, "Ever Descent" is a record that fans of both Malevolent Creation and Lamb of God can agree on. I hear traces of both those acts here, but also Slayer, Overkill, Skinless.

The attack is based on repetitive riffs delivered with raw, buzzy production. Genocya locks into a groove, which can be devastating or monotonous. I would have liked some more lead work to liven things up, but the pounding you get from "Your Salvation", "Empathy's End" and especially "Frozen In Fear" provides no relief. The strange beginning of "A Blackened Hell's Abyss" had me scratching my head for a minute, but then it's off to the races again. My favorite tracks here were "The Fittest" and "Omega Alignment" mostly due to unusual riffing...the latter sounds catchy and upbeat in particular. The album ends with "Condemned In Temptation", where Genocya's debt to Slayer is made manifest.

A good start, particularly for a self-produced effort. My suggestion would be for vocalist Dane Brown to vary his hate-filled tone more, because it gets kinda samey, and for the band to experiment a bit more with lead guitar. I'll bet this band kills it live!