"Idle Stones"

by Octopi Mills

Lazy doom fills the cold chamber i sit inside, this being Garden of Worm, of Finnish import. The first track seems standard, and the second, "Summer's Isle" has a retro feel; stoned vibes with sleepy, warm vocal harmonies. It is almost like a boring summer's day, lying in a boat that just drifts around a loch. It sort of reminds me of a fishing trip where one gets high and there are no fish biting- not even horseflies bite on days like this, and one wonders if this is the fault of the fisherman or the cycles of nature..

They get somewhat ambitious towards the end and things turn psychedelic somehow, though it sounds as if they are fooling themselves. Endless noodling and plodding ensues, and supreme loafing into the great realm of arm chair fanaticism, as if they are lying on their backs, peddling their feet on imaginary, overturned bicycles. Suddenly I imagine brown gravy, slow and warm, being ladled onto this thick tomfoolery; a mess of a situation. And if you think they wont take you to the twenty minute mark on the last track, you just don't know what happens when one gets around to loafing about in a context that only the loafer can understand. They will do this, at your expense, and I can only imagine my bringing doom to all in this boat; this sleepy half truth, by breaking out a spike and bringing such swift doom to all therein by knocking a hole in the bottom of this vessel, thus uniting man with water and death...ah, sweet horror to all who travel by such means...It does get a little morbid at the end, however...and recaptures my interest by bringing some sort of doom that I have mentioned.