"Road to Darkness"

 By Dark Starr

I received this album and had little warning of the joys about to unfold. After a few listenings it’s become one of my all time favorite discs. Yes, it’s that good. It’s a safe bet to say it will be on my list of best discs of 2011. It’s progressive rock that’s based heavily in the classic tradition of prog, but with some helpings of modern sounds, too. The first impressions of the album reveal early Pink Floyd leanings. It would be easy to start and stop a review with those observations, but really, there’s a lot more here. Sure, the predominate element is Floyd, but fusion and Celtic rock, along with metallic prog, all make appearances.

This is a concept album based on The Wizard of Oz. When you consider the whole “Dark Side of the Rainbow” concept (that’s the idea that the Dark Side of the Moon album lines up perfectly with the film of the Wizard of Oz) and the similarities between the sound of this disc and Pink Floyd, there is a whole new level of connections created. All in all, this album will definitely appeal to fans of Pink Floyd. I’d go a lot further, though, and say the sounds here should be of interest to anyone who enjoys progressive rock, both modern and classic versions of the genre. I love this album, and I’ll bet if you are a prog fan, you’ll at least like it a lot.