“The Great Destroyer”

By Dr. Abner Mality

I hadn’t heard the name of Gadget in years and years so it was quite a surprise to see this new effort in my review queue. The years may have rolled by, but Gadget is still playing the same fullbore Swedish grindcore that they were known for a decade ago. It’s like only a year has passed.

If you miss the great Nasum, you can’t afford to pass this up. It delivers the same caustic style of blasting yet controlled mayhem that Nasum was known for….a relentless grinding beatdown! “Enemies of Reason” is a 57 second fiery burst that acts like a palate cleanser and wake-up call. It’s just sheer anger and cacophony. With second track “Kanslan”, more structure begins to appear…discrete riffing and even some more moderate chunky parts. I hesitate to use the word “groove” because these guys are just too frenzied. But I feel Gadget is at their absolute best when they use those rumbling mid-paced riffs and then accelerate to light speed. “From Graduation to Devastation” is a perfect example of that, although the best of the gloomier riffs is on “In The Name of Suffering”.

They keep the tunes nice and short in Nasum style as well, with the sole exception being the final tune “I Don’t Need You-Dead and Gone”, which goes over five minutes. That’s like a “2112” style epic for Gadget, but most of the tune is taken up by grim, slow dissonance. Not the best song here, but because there’s just one of these, it fits the context of “The Great Destroyer” pretty well.

Needless to say, Nasum fans…and also followers of Rotten Sound and Disfear…can get flattened by Gadget. What took you guys so long?