by Octopi Mills

The debut album "Bluostar" , by German  project Fyrnask, is the first full-length release from the act, and was mastered at Aleph studio in the U.S. (Sunn O))), Earth, Boris).

The sound is clear, professional, and the music is in the realm of black metal with many changes of course, in an atmospheric, ambient manner. There are some moments of old feeling black metal, as well as clean guitar at times and varied instrumentation and said effort, whereby the parts go from more sad, slower to ambient and back, all the while shifting and returning home somehow to the black metal inheritance of spirit.

There are a few ambient tracks that tie the songs together in a certain sort of mood, and a sorrowful sort of feel swirls dimly throughout the album, like a bird that keeps getting caught in some gray maelstrom that prevents it from soaring too high. It is in this derangement of class of pace, I feel that will set Fyrnask apart from so many other projects that splinter off from the realm of this genre, and fail to bring anything worthwhile. All songs seem to carry some of the same feeling, though it becomes archaic and tribal at times; ritual chanting and whispers, done in a like manner and in a wash of strings akin-And, for the ride through it all, the first folks who buy the release get deer bones…(Surely beats the plastic whistles I'd get with Cap'n Crunch!--Dr. Mality)