“Fuzz Evil”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Releases like this really tie me up in knots, they really do. Is there any stoner rock cliché that Fuzz Evil hasn’t plundered on their self-titled debut? You think of it, they’ve got it. Acid trip inspired Eastern hippy artwork, fuzzy guitar riffs and effects-soaked solos, even the band name and the lettering of their logo…all boilerplate standard 70’s influenced stoner rock stuff. Isn’t there enough of this? And yet…and yet…

These guys do get you rockin’. You would like to file Fuzz Evil away as just another in a long line of stoner bands, but “Good Medicine” gets your head bobbing and then “My Fuzz” rocks out like a forgetten track from Fu Manchu’s “In Search Of…”, right down to the perfect  guitar tone. It’s inoffensive fun. “Bring Them Through” has a rather unique guitar hook and when the power chords of “Odin Has Fallen” chime in, you give in to the power of Fuzz Evil. This last one is right out of High On Fire’s playbook.

“Black Dread” ends the album with spacy organ and a wildly jamming Hawkwind guitar freakout. The problem is, everything here reminds you of something else. But it works anyway. I can’t slam it, but I do have reservations.