“Cavalries of The Occult”

By Dr. Abner Mality

You’re gonna feel like Satan’s cavalry just ran over your head after hearing this. Australia has had a long standing tradition of vicious war metal and The Furor fits right in with that. These guys have been around a while. I remember Sam from The Berzerker telling me about them close to 15 years ago. But this is their debut. Well, they sure put a lot of pent up aggression into it.

Despite their full on black metal war paint, don’t expect to hear much second wave black metal in The Furor’s songs. To me, its more like ripping high speed death metal combined with maniacal thrash metal. Only on “Totaliterror” do you hear some BM like vibrato. It’s worth noting that the drumming here is done by Dizazter from Impiety. That should give you a clue of what to expect. It’s well produced and well played but very merciless and quite exhausting. In fact, it got pretty monotonous listening to it in one sitting. There is some variation here, but the songs are a little longer than they need to be and all wind up in the same cyclonic vibe.

My fave cuts here were “Storm of Swords”,  “The 30 Years War” and the rather catchy “Fomes Peccati”. It’s been a long time coming for The Furor but they are here at last. Fans of Krisiun, Bestial Warlust, Impiety and Angelcorpse, here’s a “new” band for you.