"Of Deceit and Utter Madness"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Memento Mori is pretty much a reliable go-to label if you're looking for sick and raw death metal of the ancient variety. So it is with Switzerland's FUNERALOPOLIS, named after a particularly heavy ELECTRIC WIZARD track and specializing in a gruesome if predictable branch of death metal.

Even if you love this kind of thing (and I do), you get kind of immune to it if you hear enough of it. But there are always neophytes seeking to learn the ways of death and I can recommend them to this effort. As might be guessed, FUNERALOPOLIS favor the doomier end of the death metal spectrum and that's where their most effective moments lie. "Crawling Caskets", "Witchcraft Horror" and most especially "Devouring Crypts of Darkness" feature deliciously oozing slower riffs dripping with slime and ichor. Here the band reminds me of the criminally forgotten FLESHCRAWL, who were a great death-doom band. The faster moments of FUNERALOPOLIS like "Downfall" tend to be more generic and forgettable.

It works well enough for those who enjoy the rougher and more morbid types of death metal. If you like the rest of Memento Mori's output, this is a good pick-up. But it's not for anyone looking for freshness or new ideas in DM.