"Negative Evocation Rites"

By Dr. Abner Mality

How much musical misery can one endure? Is there a point where music becomes so negative and bleak that it pretty much cancels itself out? THE FUNERAL ORCHESTRA seems determined to find out. These days, they're not the only ones. It's obvious to anybody with brainwaves above a flat line that our planet and our species is being rendered extinct or nearly so. Brainless pop is mass society's musical answer to the problem. On the other end, we have bands like PRIMITIVE MAN, REALIZE and FUNERAL ORCHESTRA trying to embody the utter waste and futility of existence in musical terms.

It's not much fun to listen to. "Negative Evocation Rites" is a pretty accurate title for the four slabs of crawling funeral doom we have here. This seems to go beyond even funeral doom in its attempt to be utterly downbeat. The music is definitely heavy and features some very thick and raw riff-slabs, combined with ambient sounds and atmospheres that will have you trying to find a straight razor. As you might expect, the vocals are bestial in the extreme and sometimes just seem to be animalistic howling. 

I've encountered such sounds before. They can be potent, but this misery just drags like a dying seal pulling itself up a polluted beach. Like PRIMITIVE MAN, it's uncompromising but it's just too much for me. And probably for you.