“Dumbed Down”

By Dr. Abner Mality

I didn’t really know who the “legendary” Tony Erba was until I heard “Dumbed Down” but I’ve got a pretty good handle on the guy now. He doesn’t mince words, that’s for sure. And with his band crudely named Fuck You Pay Me, he comes up with some blasting hardcore punk.

This baby is short and sweet. It is highly concentrated hardcore, with more of a punk flavor than metalized stuff like Deathwish and Cro-Mags. Songs are rarely more than two minutes long…”50 White Dudes With Machetes/Crisis Actor” is the album epic coming in at almost four minutes. That’s FYPM’s equivalent of “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”. Tony yells his foul mouthed and sharp-witted lyrics in a rapid, high pitched assault. Song titles will tell you something about where he’s coming from…”Dumbed Down”, “Ammosexual”, “6Douche Chills” and the album ending “I Hate You and You Hate Me”. This last song has the singalong aspect of good old straight up punk rock.

I would usually complain about the short running time, but it fits this record like a glove. This is just as long as it needs to be and it’s face-slapping hardcore all the way.