“Desire Will Rot”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Abrasive Canadian grindcore with some avant-garde touches here. I remember seeing this band at one of the Central Illinois Metalfests and I couldn’t believe how petite little Mel Mongeon scorched the crowd with demonic screams and growls. “Desire Will Rot” pretty much lives up to the band I remember.

The record starts with brutal all-out grind on tunes like “Shadows Collide” and “The Path of Most Resistance”. Mel’s shrieks are in fine form but also along for the ride are the grisly roars of bassist Marc Bourgon.  The overall feel I get from Fuck The Facts is a band very much inspired by the “middle period” of Napalm Death…lots of speed, but also plenty of unorthodox time changes and chilly dissonant guitar. 

The band becomes more daring and off the wall as the record progresses. “Storm of Silence” almost sounds like a different band, with more of a melodic death metal sound. “False Hope” is a longer and very weird song that twists through uneasy, somewhat Voi Vodian territory. Things get even stranger from there and the record starts to leave grind behind and lose its coherence. “Circle” is almost eight minutes of minor key ambience and piddling around and the album ends with “Nothing Changes”, which sounds very bleak but is about as far from the epic grinding holocaust I was expecting as you can get.

Fuck The Facts have a lot going for them and they can blast like nobody’s business, but it’s a bumpy and unpredictable ride with a peculiar ending.