"Ascent from Hell"

By Dark Starr

 This is extreme metal. I’d also make the argument that it is classical music. Yes, you heard me right. Make no mistake this is heavy and this is noisy and this is metal of the highest order. However, it’s a theatrical concept album and the music here is more classical in structure. By that I mean that the songs are extended pieces of music that are less likely to follow a typical verse, chorus repeat pattern than they are to be built like symphonies, going through massive amounts of change as they grow. Additionally, the whole thing works as one long operatic suite. For that reason, I’d consider this classical music, even though it’s also extreme metal.

The project was started by a guys named “George Anderson.” He’s enlisted some real metal royalty for the album. Paul Bostaph of Slayer handles the drums. Steve Smyth from Nevermore plays lead guitar. Death Angel’s Damien Sisson plays bass.  In an unusual twist Phil Bennett of Starship even plays piano on one song. Those who like their metal extreme are the most obvious audience for this. I have to say, though, I’m not a huge fan of that sub-genre and I really like this a lot.