"Wall Of Sound"

By Colonel Angus

I’m sorry to admit that Marty Friedman has been off my radar for a very long time.  Ever since he parted with Megadeth, I have not kept up with his music.  Maybe it was laziness on my part or there was too much new stuff to listen to that all other “older” bands went by the wayside.  Either way, I have been missing out on some great shredding based on "Wall Of Sound".  This new disk is full of riffing, shredding, and soloing, but most of all, it is full of some great tunes. 

 Like Joe Satriani, Friendman is able to take an instrumental and make it into a song that a non-muso like myself can enjoy.  There are a lot of different tempos throughout which also makes it interesting and enjoyable.  I like his shredding as much as anyone but an album’s worth of non-stop soloing would get boring.  And boring is not a word I would use to describe "Wall Of Sound".  It’s difficult for me to pick favorites off the album but if I had to choose, they would be “For A Friend”, “Self Pollution”, and “Something To Fight” (which has the only vocal on the album courtesy Jorgen Munkeby).  At the end of the day, the whole record is great from start to finish.  And speaking of finish, "Wall Of Sound" ends on a high point with “Last Lament” which, while conjuring a sense of sadness, ends the disk like a mic drop.  It would be hard to top that!

While I have given "Wall Of Sound" plenty of praise, my only complaint would be that when Friedman goes full-on shred, the drumming is your typical Power Metal style which in my opinion takes away from the groove of some of the tunes.  It is really minor and, let’s face it, all eyes (or should I say ears) are on what Friedman is doing.  His playing throughout is flawless throughout and its performances like this that make me questions why I lost interest in the man’s music.  I remember the excitement I had when I first heard the Cacophony record and 'Wall Of Sound" gives me that same feeling.  For all of you that have not followed Marty Friedman since his Megadeth days, you need to get this CD.  Like me, you will not be disappointed.