"True Bearings"

By Octopi Mills

Bahwahaha. The cover of this album says more than one could ever guess. Not quite boasting a foundation of sound relating to UFO, THIN LIZZY and NWOBHM and the very look and aesthetics of an era that is bygone, it actually comes across as fun and playful, and not as dangerous as some of the rest. 

The opening song "Eternal Light, Eternal Night" sounds immediately as if it could have been recorded decades ago, as does the next… it’s almost like finding an obscure 70s band in your uncle's old record collection in the days of drive ins, mom and pop hot dog joints and the golden age of rock bands. Being a listener of early Rainbow with Dio, I can hear things that are done right, whether they are inspired or not or even to be compared. Point is, there's a feel good thing going on, and not too much weight expected or forced upon the listener. 

The band makes use in cover art and promotional photos of the RV or camper trailer and this speaks volumes to the affair, and that there's a beige colored vinyl to be released is expected. Not bad at all, and a good listen over a lost era in this time of ugliness and bad vibrations. The fellows bring something lost back and ride in on it like they built it themselves. Good for what it is and quite unexpected to what is usually expected.