By Professor Jocko

Let me start off here by saying that this is one of the most detailed, precise albums that I’ve heard in a long time; the sound is huge with a powerful driving force, and very well-produced. This is a band that is seasoned and at the top of their game, delivering riff after crushing riff, relentless drums and aural symphonic textures. If you ever liked Dream Theater or Queensryche, then you will enjoy the latest album from this German power-metal quartet. The guitars are incredible, the vocals are epic, and the rhythm section has a heavy punch!

However, at the same time, it seems that every song has this same kind of formula, without much variation from one song to the next. What I mean is that every song seems to posess the qualities of a national anthem put to music. Don’t get me wrong, because this is a group of highly-trained musicians; probably college taught. However,  just about every song follows the same inspirational patterns. With titles such as “Union of the Strong”,” Knights of Taragon” and “Heart of a Warrior”, it reminds me of your late 80’s Christian rock bands that faded into obscurity.

One thing that is evident with Freedom Calls music is the perfect balance between the heavy metal and symphonic elements. “Beyond” is an album that reflects melodic Prog Metal, European Power Metal and Neoclassical Metal. They are presenting a very special way of song writing which emphasizes mostly on mid tempo parts full of glorious melodies and catchy memorable choruses; meanwhile, they are enforcing each and every song with brilliant lead guitar parts and beautiful lyrical themes.

As you march further through consecutive tracks, there are a few that caught my ear, mainly towards the end of the LP with "Rhythm of Light", "Dance off the Devil" & "Paladin". Unlike some of the forgetable tracks before it, these are tunes that pay serious attention into their song's dynamics that provide an adventurous result that keeps the listener stuck into the heart of the song. I do have to say that although several of the songs are fluff & filler songs, and not quite true metal, there is enough diversity towards the end to bring it around full-circle.