“Les Irreals Visions”

By Dr. Abner Mality

I’m usually on my guard when confronted with post-metal or “atmospheric” metal. So much of it falls into predictable patterns or lacks power. When I saw Foscor’s debut record “Les Irreals Visions”, I was bracing myself for slop like Alcest or Deafheaven. Thankfully, these Spaniards avoid such twaddle and deliver a very listenable album that doesn’t forsake hard riffing.

Make no mistake, there’s still an ethereal atmosphere hovering over this release. There’s lots of melody amidst some low-key, jangly guitar. But it’s mixed with a definite heaviness and energy. “Instants” is a great introduction to Foscor, barreling out of the gate with a muscular riff played with a kind of hazy distortion. Vocals are clean and lyrics exclusively in Spanish. Even during the heavier moments, there’s a a kind of dreaminess to the way Foscor plays.

There are some points where the typical post-metal aspects kind of become too prevalent, but these guys never overstay their welcome or become “cookie cutter” with their approach. “Malfianca” has a kind of peppy, upbeat feel,  “Encenalis de Mort” features some classical sounding piano and final track “Traces Morbides” is the most “metal” on show.

I got more than I was expecting with Foscor. One of the better atmospheric metal bands to come around in a while.