“Rotting Empire”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Never heard of Forty Winters before but I hear tell they’re a big deal in Florida. Man, they get right to it! First cut “Summoning Spirits” makes me feel like a herd of rhinos wearing Doc Martens just trampled me into the dirt. Imagine an unholy cross between Goatwhore and Hatebreed, with touches of grind and deathcore frosted on the top. It’s probably not going to satisfy the old farts in the scene, but there’s more than enough straight up brutality here to please those looking for a beating.

It roars by like a bullet train and is over before you know it. Eight tunes none of which exceed the five minute mark. The one real big drawback to Forty Winters is the relentless, unceasing blanket of roaring tough guy vocals that covers you from start to finish. There’s no gap between them, no time to breath. It’s that way on almost every track and it really drags you down. Why the new generation feels the need to constantly babble over the music without letting it breath is a mystery to me and it hurts the band a lot.

But for pure fist in the face angry metal, cuts like “Human Sacrifice” and “Snuff Out the Light” get the job done. On tunes like “Profit Hostage”, there’s hints of slower riffing and dissonance that show the promise of maturity. This is a debut album so there’s room for growth. I’ll bet these guys are as fierce as pit bulls live.